Deutsche Kleiderstiftung
Deutsche Kleiderstiftung

Vetis and Cristuru Romania since 2009

Vetis, Satu Mare district (2012-2018)

In 2012, fellow citizens living in the extremely poor region of Romania received clothing from the German Clothing Foundation for the first time. Some of the clothing was distributed directly to those in need. Another part was given in exchange for monetary donations. The proceeds were used to set up a clothing store. Also during the following transports, a part of the textiles was always sold in order to support the charitable work of the Greek-Catholic parish of Vetis. In cooperation with the Evangelical Lutheran Church District of Großenhain, we realized this project for the collection of used clothing in Saxony and provided a truck with relief goods every year. After completion of the project, the church district continues to collect clothing and shoes for the German Clothing Foundation to this day.

Cristuru Secuiesc (2009-2012)

Healing - Caring - Supporting - Educating - Integrating. These are the terms used by the Christian Youth Village Service (CJD) in Cristuru Secuiesc/Romania (Transylvania) to describe its tasks of supporting young people. The CJD especially supports disadvantaged young people, e.g. orphans and half-orphans, young people from the neglected rural population and disadvantaged people from the minority population. We supplied sorted clothing as material for training in textile and commercial trades. The proceeds were used to finance the entire project.