Deutsche Kleiderstiftung
Deutsche Kleiderstiftung

Memberships and cooperations

Memberships with a commitment to transparency and compliance with ethical standards

Dachverband FairWertung e.V. www. Gemeinwohl-Ökonomie e.V. www. Deutscher Fundraising Verband

Further memberships

Federal Association of German Foundations Diakonie

Further cooperations

The Salvation Army in Germany Oxfam Germany Diakonie in various regional churches Aktion Hoffnung - Hilfe für die Mission DRK Kreisverband Braunschweig-Salzgitter e.V. www. DRK Kreisverband Gifhorn e.V. www. Franziskanerkloster Berlin-Pankow Buddy & Selly Kilenda Tom Tailor Cecil Street One Mädchenflohmarkt Kleiderei fairKauf Hannover Bundesverband Farbe Stil Image

Further links, e.g. those of our project partners, can be found in the respective sections.

We collect nationwide and distribute worldwide. Without our many voluntary and full-time supporters on site, countless helpers who support us, our work would not be possible. Please understand that we can only publish a few links here.

Certification of Spangenberg Textilien GmbH - Used clothing for humanitarian aid:

Transparency, social standards, proper sorting and marketing Certification as a waste management company You can find the current certificate here.