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Help for Ukraine

How do we help refugees?

Together with Caritas Diecezji Gliwickiej in Silesia we bring your donations on the way. At the end of March, 15,000 kg of good clothing and household linen were delivered by the German Clothing Foundation and project partners. Our current transports lead to the region of Gliwice (Poland). Once there, the goods are assembled according to current needs and packed into boxes. A truck brings them to the Ukrainian border region. From here, vans set off for four different "Gutes Herz" stations. These are Caritas locations in western Ukraine. Fellow Ukrainians arriving in Poland tell us of long walks. The clothing and footwear worn to escape are worn and often damaged. Added to this are the current changes in temperature. Help is urgently needed.

Are clothing donations still needed?

Yes, provided they are in good condition and can still be worn. We only send selected clothing of good quality. This avoids unnecessary mountains of clothing in crisis regions. Innocent people in need receive dignified help and appropriate textiles and shoes.

Together with the Ewangelicko Augsburska Church, we also help unaccompanied children and families separated by war with clothing and warm meals.

What can you do?

  • Send us your selected donations free of shipping costs.
  • Support the way of the clothing donations with your monetary donation to finance the sorting and the necessary transports.
  • Donate school meals. With only 150€ you ensure the warm meals for one Ukrainian child at least until the beginning of the summer vacations. Please specify "schoolmeals" as the intended purpose.

Donbass and Luhansk regions (since 2014)

Clothing donations for civilians

What is often forgotten these days: In parts of Ukraine, war-like conditions have already prevailed for several years. In the regions around Donetsk and Luhansk, there have been armed clashes since February 2014. In eastern Ukraine, numerous uninvolved civilians have become victims of the fighting between separatists and the Ukrainian army. The citizens there lost their homes and their belongings, they have to build a new future in another place. To help them start a new life, the German Clothing Foundation collects clothing, shoes and household linen and has delivered more than 500,000 pre-sorted items of clothing to eastern Ukraine since 2015. On site, the donations are distributed via a church initiative.

With the outbreak of war throughout Ukraine this year, our aid deliveries were also initially more difficult and could no longer be planned. Especially large deliveries, which we used to send out in trucks, are currently too dangerous. Therefore, we stock up on clothing donations for eastern Ukraine and can react quickly if another transport option opens up. In the spring of 2022, for example, we were able to load a few tons of clothing onto a food transport in order to make good use of the still empty loading space above the food pallets. Of course, we hope that we will soon be able to transport clothing donations to eastern Ukraine again.

Western Ukraine, places of "Good Heart" since 2022

Clothing donations for war refugees

Together with the Polish Caritas Diecezji Gliwickiej we bring clothing donations to Western Ukraine. Our transports lead from Germany to the region of Gliwice in Poland. Once there, the goods are first put together in boxes according to current needs and taken to the Ukrainian border region. Then vans bring the relief goods to stations of "Gutes Herz". These are Caritas locations in the cities of Sambir, Drohobych, Stryj, Borysław and Schytomyr.

At the end of March and beginning of May 2022, we were able to deliver 25,000 kg of good clothing and household laundry. Ulrich Müller, Managing Director of the German Clothes Foundation, traveled to Poland himself in March 2022 to get an idea of the conditions on the ground. In this way, we can ensure that the textiles are really needed and that dignified help is provided.

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