Deutsche Kleiderstiftung Collecting and fair sharing clothes


Support the work of the German Clothing Foundation with
your donation of clothes (only within Germany)!»

The church collections

Once or twice a year in the parish

The collections of clothing and shoes of more than 2,500 churches in more than 160 church districts form the basis of the "Spangenberg collections". In great fidelity volunteers and full-time employees place their services at disposal to conduct the collections. In general, the churches call to bring the donations to the local community center. Sometimes the entrance to the church or even the loft serves as a collection point. Some pastors allocate their garage. In addition, there is a large number of private collection points of dedicated community members.

The process

A collection usually runs in a collecting week from Monday to Friday or Saturday. In the following week, the Spangenberg staff members pick the collected goods. Alternatively we offer street collections or the parking of vehicles or trailers, if you do not have the necessary facilities.

We experienced that many people pay a lot of attention and appreciation on the church collections. Well-advertised collections gain a lot of attention, especially if they occur regularly. Donors appreciate the commitment of the local community.

Strengthen your diaconal profile by organizing collections of clothing. You'll get all the support needed: collection bags and customized flyers, press materials and more.

Your contact:

Susanne Meier, Phone 05351/52354-18
Andrea Wiechers-Isensee, Phone 05351/52354-17