Deutsche Kleiderstiftung Collecting and fair sharing clothes


Support the work of the German Clothing Foundation with
your donation of clothes (only within Germany)!»

permanent collection

With a continuous collection you allow those around you, in your town to have a continuous contact point to deliver clothing. Our permanent collection points are usually in a garage or a barn, which is closed in the evening.

The following possibilities are available:

1 You are a private person and have appropriate facilities, look forward to many new contacts, a "chat" with the passing donors or simply just want a currently unused space put to good use again? Then a permanent repository for Spangenberg offers outright.


2 You are responsible and committed to the work of a church, charitable organization or municipal institution and would be able to assist us with little effort. You have an interest, to be known with your address and to get more attention. Then we should consider together how we get to the goal.

We will gladly inform you in a personal conversation about the possibilities, cost-sharing and how to pick the goods.

Your contact:

Susanne Meier, Phone 05351/52354-18
Andrea Wiechers-Isensee, Phone 05351/52354-17
Ulrich Müller, Phone 05351/52354-0