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Donate clothes in a package

Do you have clothes in good condition at home that you would like to donate? We are very happy about your parcel donations via DHL or GLS. We will take over the costs for you (shipping bills are only valid within Germany).

With the help of your clothing donations, international aid projects are supported. Thank you for your trust. Pack us good condition clothes, shoes, household linen and accessories in a large box. From 5 kg (up to 31.5/40 kg) you can send us everything free of charge. Please note that each individual package requires its own shipping bill with individual shipment number!

You are welcome to enclose discarded smartphones and tablets with your clothing and shoe donation (maximum two devices per package). Please reset the devices to factory condition and unlock them. We will pass the smartphones and tablets to our partner Interzero, who will perform data erasure according to high certified standards and recycle them. We receive a financial aid for our projects.

1. collect textiles

Collect well preserved clothes and shoes

2. pack big carton

5 to 31,5 kg (DHL) / 40 kg (GLS) and up to 60x60x120 cm

3. send parcel

Print shipping label and deliver package to shipping partner

4. do good

100% proceeds for social projects of the German Clothing Foundation

Selection of the shipping partner

With this selection you have to decide whether you deliver your donation package to the post office or a DHL driver, or whether you bring it to a GLS PaketShop. Please click with the mouse on the corresponding symbol until it is outlined.

Create shipping label

For the shipping label, enter your name and address. After entering the address, you can conveniently download the shipping label by clicking on the button. After that it's just a matter of printing it out and sticking it on the package, which will be shipped via DHL or GLS. You can drop off your package of clothing donations at any DHL store, Deutsche Post branch or GLS PaketShop, depending on the selection you made above.

If you have several boxes, please use a new parcel label for each one.

Problems with the creation of the package label?

If a new window with a PDF does not open after pressing the button, we will be happy to help you. Simply send us an e-mail with your name and address, the desired shipping partner (DHL or GLS) and the number of packages to and we will send you the appropriate number of shipping labels.

Thanks to the input of your e-mail address we will inform you about the receipt of the packages, the further course of the clothing donations and generally about our projects. Entering your sender address primarily enables us to assign the parcel in the course of secure delivery and processing of incoming donations. For this purpose we store the information. Furthermore, we occasionally use your data in accordance with Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f) DSGVO for the purpose of advertising donations based on considerations of interest.

You can, of course, object to any type of processing at any time at, except for processing to which we are obliged by applicable law. You can find our data protection details here.

What can I do if I don't have a printer?

If you want to send us a package of clothing donations, but you do not have a printer to print the shipping label, you can still create the label. You will find a QR code on it. You can show this with a smartphone directly in the DHL or GLS store and the employees will print out the shipping labels on the spot.

What happens to my donations?

All packages arrive at our warehouse in Helmstedt. There, the packages are unloaded, opened and sorted by hand. We have different aid projects with different needs. Therefore, the donations are allocated to the individual projects. Everything that is not assigned to an aid project can be offered in our charity stores to finance our work, as well as sold to used clothing recycling companies that we have inspected, in compliance with the ethical standards of FairWertung e.V. In addition, we are committed to a successful circular economy and support upcycling initiatives that create new products from the donations we receive, such as MOOT(, whose products we also offer in our stores. However, we do not recycle. Therefore, we do not collect broken, dirty, worn-out clothing or textile remnants.

What all can be donated?

In principle, all textiles and shoes can be handed in as long as they are in good condition. This also includes undamaged children's clothing, bed and table linen, sportswear and accessories such as caps and scarves, belts, handbags and costume jewelry. Furs, dirndls as well as carnival clothing are also welcome.

We do not accept the following items:

  • Food, toys, diapers
  • medical equipment, bandages, hygiene articles
  • worn-out shoes, rubber boots, inline skates and ice skates
  • pillows, bedspreads, chair covers, etc.,
  • glasses, brushes, soap articles, clothes hangers
  • Travel bags and satchels
  • Books

Does the clothing have to match the season?

Overall, you can donate clothing and shoes for any season to us at any time. Whether fabric shoes or lined boots, bikini or down jacket, we are happy to accept all good condition clothing. Because of our logistics, we are set up to donate anti-cyclically, so we can help with suitable clothing donations at any time, anywhere in the world. We always have the ability to store donations that are not in season, so no clothes or shoes have to be disposed of just because they are not currently needed.

Where can I drop off my package?

Here you can find drop-off points of our partners near you:

Unfortunately, we are not able to arrange for parcels to be picked up.

How big and heavy can a package of donations be?

A package should weigh at least 10 kg and may weigh up to 31.5 kg (DHL) or 40 kg (GLS) and have the maximum dimensions of 60x60x120 cm. We ask that you pack as large packages as possible. This way you save us too high postage costs. For orientation: A well-filled moving box is about 15 kg.

Can I have the clothing donations picked up?

Every now and then donors are not able to bring the parcels to the post office or to a parcel store themselves. Unfortunately, our agreements with DHL or GLS do not provide for pick-ups. This would incur extra costs that we, as a non-profit organization, cannot afford. In principle, we have been told that DHL drivers, for example, will pick up parcels if they are delivering other shipments, but we cannot guarantee this. It would therefore be safer and great for us if you could find a way to drop off the items, perhaps through acquaintances, family members or neighbors.

How long is my shipping label valid?

There is an "expiration date" on the bills, but it only refers to the QR code that DHL would use to print the bills. This means that this service is only offered for one month. Self-printed bills do not expire, they can still be used weeks or months later.

Do I get a donation receipt for my private clothing donation?

Unfortunately, we are usually not able to issue a donation receipt for private clothing donations. The hurdles for this are very high for clothing donations. For example, the tax office requires exact details for determining the value of the donation. As a rule, this requires proof of purchase and an expert opinion on the current market value. This involves a great deal of effort, which we, like many other charitable organizations, cannot afford.

Clothing donations from companies and organizations

We ask companies to bear any shipping costs themselves. If you need a certificate from us to document the withdrawal from your business assets, please contact us in advance. We gladly accept workwear, also with company logo, if it has not been worn yet. In addition, we have purchase options available for unsold new goods.

We are happy to offer professional solutions for

  • event-related donation campaigns for your employees
  • In-store collections and for your customers
  • Take-back systems, take-backs for a better circular economy

Your contact: Ulrich Müller, Tel. 030 209669206, Mail:

We provide schools with teaching materials and advice on how to carry out an event-related clothing collection campaign.

Your contact: Markus Böck, Tel. 05351 523 5415, Mail:

Donate smartphones and tablets

You are welcome to include discarded smartphones and tablets with your clothing and shoe donations (maximum two devices per package). If possible, they should still be in working order. Please reset the devices to factory settings and unlock them. This is the only way to ensure optimal further use and thus resource conservation. Our partner Interzero carries out data erasure according to high certified standards and recycles the devices. The clothing foundation receives financial aid for its projects for this.

Clothes collection points near you

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Levies in Helmstedt

If you come from Helmstedt or the surrounding area, you are welcome to bring us your clothing donations. From Monday to Friday, in each case from 07.00 o'clock to 16.00 o'clock and on Saturdays between 10.00 o'clock and 15.00 o'clock there is the possibility to deliver clothes on our premises, Magdeburger Tor 15, Helmstedt.