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Dajc Bregu I Bunes - Albania

Albania is on the Adriatic coast and has about 3 million inhabitants. The country suffers from serious structural problems. In 2008 still 12.4 percent of the population applied as poor. The average monthly salary specified for the year 2006 with about 225 euros. Since 2011 we support our partner organization Vizion OJF with relief supplies.

Kaliningrad - Russia

In 2012, a new project in Kaliningrad, Russia began. For professional assistance, the Foundation “grace for your neighbor” as a partner organization of the German Clothing Foundation was established.


Viele Menschen in der Ostukraine sind aufgrund der Konflikte geflüchtet oder Opfer von Angriffen geworden. Seit 2015 unterstützt die Kleiderstiftung bedürftige Menschen mit Kleiderspenden.


Gomel - Belarus

In cooperation with the Ev. Luth. Church district of Uelzen, the German Clothing Foundation is involved with Gomel. The region in the south-east Belarus is one of the most contaminated areas by the Chernobyl disaster.