Deutsche Kleiderstiftung
Deutsche Kleiderstiftung

We help people to live in warmth and dignity.

For almost 70 years, the German Clothing Foundation has been collecting, sorting and distributing used and new clothing as a non-profit organization. With the clothing donations and the proceeds from recycling, we support clothing stores and social projects in Germany and abroad. In this way, we help people to live in warmth and dignity.

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We provide warmthand dignity in many countries.

The German Clothing Foundation collects and distributes clothing in good condition. Donations of clothing and shoes are sorted in Helmstedt (Lower Saxony). The sorted goods are sent as aid shipments to cooperation partners in Germany, Europe and overseas. But also through financial support we are committed to helping people in need and particularly shameful life situations.



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Brand ambassador Katja Weitzenböck

I like it when high-quality textiles are reused. Donating to the clothing foundation protects the environment and shares great clothes with other women. I am against throwaway fashion. That's why I do both: donate and buy.

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